• Herbal Loose Leaf Collection

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  • Nº 07: Camomile Flowers - Delicious, sweet and fruity, our camomile flowers help you unwind, relax, and sleep like a baby.

    Nº 08: Peppermint Leaves - Pure and simple and deeply refreshing, the perfect aid to digestion.

    Nº 11: Rooibos - Orangey sweetness with a hint of clove, Rooibos is full of antioxidants. It's a detox in a cup.

    Origins: Nº 07: Camomile Flowers: Whole camomile flowers from the plains of the Nile river delta in north east Egypt. Nº 08: Peppermint Leaves: From the Mazovia region, the central lowlands of Poland. Nº 11: Rooibos: Rooibos (Red Bush) from the Fynbos shrubland of the Western Cape of South Africa.

  • Herbal Loose Leaf Collection
  • Herbal Loose Leaf Collection

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