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  • The Classic British Cup of Tea

    With its traditional malty character and refreshing undertones, this tea is the original British cup of tea. This is the tea that made Britain Great and it is probably the best cup of tea you'll ever drink, ever (Probably). Enjoy it with a Full English Breakfast. Or a bowl of porridge. Or whatever else you like for that matter, as we'd say this classic British cup of tea will go with practically anything!

    So why not try a really good British cup of tea made from quality whole leaf tea instead of the second rate powder you will find in regular tea bags. Go on, we are sure you will like it!

    How to make it

    To make the very best British cup of tea, we recommend that you Brew your tea for 3-4 minutes at 95˚c. Our Vicar's Breakfast tea is available in Tea Pyramids and Loose Leaf, so you can pick which is most convenient for you! Why not use a Forlife Infuser for a single cup, or a Forlife Teapot for multiple cups.


    This fabulous tea is available every which way, Loose Leaf, Pyramids and our newly introduced refill pouches.


    Our classic British tea is created using a blend of Assam TGFOP1 (from the banks of the Brahmaputra River); Mid-season Darjeeling SFTGFOP1; Kenyan GFBOP (from Kericho of the western side of the Rift Valley); Ceylon FBOP (from the Nuwara Eliya district).

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