It's HERE, it's NOW, our brand new Teaware has ARRIVED!

Check it out, be there or be square, come quickly, We're very excited!

Flint & Co. Launches the greatest ever #MugShot competition!  It's here so join in with us to win!

Check out our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds to see the latest news and pictures of #MugShots of #flinttea in unusual or iconic locations. Email us for your #MugShot sticker and post your picture on FB, instagram or Twitter and tag us to be in with a chance of winning a bumper pack of your favourite Flint tea, don't miss out, join the competition, be a winner! 

Latest #MugShot

SIMON #MugShot in #Brighton

ALEXA #MugShot in #Budapest

TONY #MugShot in #Bayeau

BERT #MugShot in #Brussels

Bert in Brussels

TONY #MugShot in #Deauville

Tony Deauville


Flint & Co. is proud to be a sponsor of MoveMe Dance

 MoveMe is a not-for-profit company specialising in fun dance events best described as …‘a dance class party’. They teach dances that everyone can do. Their company vision is that dance brings people together – it contributes to a healthy life and everyone is encouraged to join in. You don’t need to have any special training or fancy clothing. Their routines use a range of dance and music styles. They’re made especially for people who might not usually dance, but love to move! Unlike Strictly they don’t seek dance perfection. They prefer to celebrate the joy of dancing together. You can find them dancing in parks, town squares, community centres and theatre foyers. They work with a range of people in London and the UK across three areas: Public Events, Community and Corporate.

So, to find out how you can move yourself with MoveMe, take a look HERE!

 If you are involved with your company’s corporate ‘away days’ or ‘team building’ organisation and/or wish to make a media enquiry, we know you would like to have a taste of the huge benefits of both Flint Tea and MoveMe dance, so please do make contact with to hear more!