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Perfect Tea

This is how we make our tea. 

You don't have to make it like this, of course, you can make it however you like. We just thought you might like to know.

Step 1: Always use quality loose leaf tea or Tea Pyramids. The standard of tea used in generic mass-produced tea bags is so low it's not really worth bothering with. 

Step 2: Heat freshly drawn cold water. Tea needs lots of oxygen to infuse properly. Water that has already been boiled, or has been left to stand has lost all its oxygen. So always use fresh water.

Step 3: Don't overheat the water. The longer water boils the more oxygen it loses (not good.) And some teas will be ruined if the water is too hot. Go for 95ºc for black teas, and 70-80ºc for green and white teas.

Step 4: Be patient. Loose leaf tea needs time to infuse: 3-4 minutes for most black teas, 2-3 minutes for most green and white teas. Give it time, and you'll end up with a fantastically enjoyable cup of tea.