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Tea Pyramids

Our Tea Pyramids combine Loose Leaf quality tea with all the convenience of regular tea bags.

Whole leaf tea is what you need to make the best tea. But unfortunately whole leaf tea doesn't fit in regular tea bags. Instead, the tea which finds its way into most tea bags is the dust left over after good quality tea is processed. 

But our ingenious Tea Pyramids are different. 

These pyramid tea bags are roomy enough to accommodate large leaf tea, which means we can use the finest grades of tea known to man. Or woman, of course. In fact, we use exactly the same whole leaf tea in our Tea Pyramids as we do in our Loose Leaf Caddies.

And because our Tea Pyramids offer all the convenience of a normal tea bag, they're also quick, clean and super-easy to use. 

So you really do get loose leaf quality tea with tea bag convenience. Everyone is, as they say, a winner. 

What's more, each of our Tea Pyramids is 100% biodegradable. So they're really good for the environment too.