• Nº 04: Jasmine Pearls

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  • Jasmine Pearls Flavoured Tea

    This flavoured tea could possibly be the world's most beautiful drink.

    From the Fujian Hills of Eastern China, green and white teas rest in the dark amongst Jasmine petals. Over time this flavoured tea picks up the Jasmine aroma to create an amazingly refreshing drink full of antioxidants. Watch these exquisite hand-tied pearls unfurl as they infuse creating this beautiful jasmine flavoured tea.

    Brew the Jasmine Pearls tea for 3-4 minutes at 80˚c to get the perfect cup of jasmine flavoured tea.


    This stunning flavoured tea is available as Loose Leaf and in our newly introduced refill pouches.

    Origins: White and Green flavoured teas from the Fuijan province (the mountain region of East China) laid to rest with Jasmine petals and then hand-tied into individual pearls to create a beautiful Jasmine flavoured tea.

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